Getting Back on Track

The last month has been… interesting.

Finally got over my cold, then had my last surgery. It was a relatively minor one and went well, but I had to be on antibiotics for a week, and that did not go so well. I mean, I didn’t get an infection, so I’m grateful for that part, but it was one of those situations of taking medications for side effects of medications in order to keep taking something that was making me beyond miserable.

Thankfully, that’s all done now. I am recovering, but the fatigue just will not let up. It’s frustrating, because I want to be able to jump into all the great things that I could be doing not just to recover from everything this year, but also to be regaining fitness.

Instead, I’m doing a little here and there and managing a few minor things before the fatigue crushes me. I have not made progress on strength, I’ve gone seriously backwards in my hiking and walking fitness and I haven’t lost any weight in the last month.

I guess the point is with health, we don’t always get to do things exactly the way we would like to. We may have some ideal of what we would like to do and how we would like to do it. Instead, life happens. Sometimes it’s not getting sick, it’s just the chaos of life happens. Work projects, kids’ activities, long lists of holiday to-do’s. I think the healthy thing is to do whatever little things we can.

I wanted to focus on lymph drainage and walking and foundational movements and starting strength training starting a couple of weeks ago. Instead, I’ve been too tired to do much of that, so I’ve had to do a lot of resting. It has not made it impossible for me to do a few things for my health. There’s always gratitude (so appropriate this season, eh?), working on my hydration, making sure to get plenty of protein and vegetables to make sure my body has all the nutrients for recovery. It all counts. Wherever you are today, give yourself some grace and do whatever it is you can do, even if it’s not as much as you wanted to do.

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