Just Me and My Ice Pack

Been a minute since I’ve checked in here. It turns out, I have a full time job. It’s really nice to be back at work and not doing rehab as a full time job. (On myself, that is!) However, it means that I don’t have a lot of time to do my own hip rehab. Long plans of exercises for me? I wish!

As I am able to do more movement and focus on a range of movements through my daily activities, I am gaining strength and range of motion. However, I am not making quite as much progress with certain exercises as I would like. Today I had the day off, and had to stand around and wait for an oil change. I did whatever standing exercises I could (and was reminded that I hadn’t done some of them in a minute!) and that was my rehab for the day.

Now I am hanging out on my ice pack. For the right hip- the one that had surgery over a year ago. This is the hip that has been my bigger challenge from the beginning, and it still is. A week ago I started icing more regularly. I really didn’t want to. It’s cold out, and I’m tired of ice and all things being focused on my hips. But, it seems to be helping, so there you go.

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